Mark B Philosophy

Welcome to ramblings, music video clips, and snippets from my current phd thesis journey on sustainability: looking at action and ingenuity across all levels of people, organisations and government; critiquing the current growth model and looking at new economic paradigms and modes of thought to help and encourage the change to sustainable living. I welcome your thoughts and insights!

The blues can’t drive depression clear out of the house, but it can drive it into the corners of any room it is being played.

—Vonnegut, K. (2005). A man without a country

Take From the Rich

"Thinktanks and lobby groups are the bane of democratic politics. They are the means by which corporations and the ultra-rich influence public life without having to reveal their hand.”

“Freedom is what all these groups claim to stand for. But the freedom they promote is of a particular kind. They are not campaigning for freedom from hunger or poverty. They are not demanding free access to health and education. They are not lobbying for freedom from industrial injuries, exploitation, pollution or unscrupulous banking. When these libertarians say freedom, they mean freedom from the rules which prevent their sponsors behaving as they wish: mistreating their workers, threatening public health and using the planet as their dustbin.”

George Monbiot

—Published in the Guardian 18th October 2011